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Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois

Forrest Sadler and Olga Meyers marriageThe Protestant Church Registers

This searchable database contains nearly 60,000 birth, marriage and death records from the Protestant Churches of our region of interest, collected by the Valentine Project Team and presented here for your information, free of charge.

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Consider the spelling variations that are found among these records. The Spouse and Mother fields are in the format Surname, Forename. Married women are occasionally recorded under their married name.

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Source Documents

Our sources include microfilms held by the Archives nationales du Quebec (ANQ), the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU), and a variety of original church registers. Historically, the churches were required to submit annual copies of their registers to the civil authorities. These civil records are typically what you will see in the microfilms. Detailed Source references for an individual record may be found on our Sources page. Photocopies of all records held are available from us upon request.

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Errors and Contradictions

Occasional differences occur between the Civil copies and the Church registers. Where the differences are not reconcilable, we present both, each cross referenced to the other, for the researcher to ponder.

Because of handwriting, imaging and original document imperfections, errors in transcription are inevitable. If you encounter such an error, kindly report it to us. In this respect, it is our policy to report exactly what the minister wrote, even though he may have erred. So where he wrote Gian Vaugh for the lady we know as Jane Waugh...Gian Vaugh is what you will find here.