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Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois

Quebec's Chateauguay Valley

Here we have assembled a collection of the most useful genealogical information for researchers interested in this Anglo Protestant microcosm in French Catholic Quebec, FREE OF CHARGE (See our Donations page)

The Valentine Project Team:

The Valentine Project Team 

Norman Valentine (1934-2009), Chief Instigator, read every Church record aloud and kept our noses to the grindstone for more than a decade. Shirley Valentine, whose forbearance and cooperation in this can only be observed with awe. Burt Lang, diligent Seeker among Archives, Churches and Burial Grounds. Gina Smith, Genealogist extraordinaire. Warren Sadler, Webmonger, who turned the resulting mass into bits and bytes. Bill Henderson, whose suggestion it was to extend beyond our own researches and include every record in the original eleven microfilms, for which we may never forgive him. We have, since since completing that task, more than doubled that content, mostly from dusty old books, previously ignored.

Our Generous Supporters

We want to thank those thoughtful people who have found our work of value, and have sent us money towards the cost of publishing this resource.  Without you, it could never be.

Independent Contributors

When we created the Pioneer Families pages and posted the results of our own researches there, we started a flood. We are grateful to the many family historians who, having found our web-site useful in identifying their roots, offered their results for publication among our Pioneer Family pages.