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Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois

Edwardstown Anglican churchWelcome to the Valley of the Chateauguay.     

 “....a community distinct from every other in the province of Quebec. With the Eastern Townships, with which they are often erroneously classed, the English-speaking settlements of the district of Beauharnois have no affinity. The first settlers of the Eastern Townships were Americans, and between the customs, speech, and habits of their descendants and those of the people who live to the south of them there is no material difference, but they who dwell by the Chateaugay and its tributaries are of Old Country stock, and in character, ways of life, and speech present nearly as striking a contrast to the Americans, who are divided from them by an imaginary boundary-line, as they do to the French Canadians who are found scattered among them and who hem them in to the north and east.” (Robert Sellar)

The Gleaner; Living History:     150 Years ago      100 Years ago   

By 1963 the Gleaner had grown to a prosperous 16 page newspaper. For their hundredth anniversary edition they produced a mammoth 122 pages, reviewing the history of their times. Click The Gleaner button at left for more on this, and other special editions.

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